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Saan Ka: Capturing the Stories of Metro Manila Commuters

As Metro Manila’s traffic crisis worsens, so do the experiences of the city’s lower income commuters. In response, we developed Saan Ka to give those stories a chance to get heard.


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From Building Systems to Building Worlds

I'm on a journey to discover different ways to champion the people and places that I get inspiration from. This case study highlights the lessons learned from my adventure thus far.


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“Stories help bring prototypes back to the human challenges we’re solving for. It connects other designers to the vision we’re proposing and to the users expected to experience it.”


Merging Music and Vitals:
A Spotify C.UI

With the emergence of Conversational AI comes a new set of UX opportunities. What could a C.UI and Smartwatch technology contribute to the Spotify discovery and listening experience?


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Discoverables: Rethinking the Yellow School Bus Experience

With all of its noise and cramped spaces, the school bus isn’t a desirable place to be. So we designed Discoverables, an analog/digital game system, to rethink that experience.


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“Understanding an experience comes from going through an experience. The lives of Georgian LGBTQ allies are a long step away from home, but they and I are fighting the same fights.”


Bespoke to System: Building a Navigation Language

A budding design system lends itself to becoming incredible. In Summer 2019, I joined Workday's Design System team and co-led initial efforts on a new navigation paradigm.


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Headlining Homophobia: An Immigrant’s Journey

There’s value in vulnerability. In this graphic installation, I let expressive typography lead the story of David Paul Kay and his escape from the country he once called home.

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